The seemingly endless supply of Music by Childish continues with this extravagant Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire platter. Well into his third decade as a performer, artist, writer and overall amateur, Childish once more effortlessly churns out four easy to grasp tracks that never stray far from the primitive.    Unsurprisingly, influences such as The Who, Kinks and Ramones are rarely deeply buried but that's no matter as Billy's interest is not in reinventing the wheel.   And while it is true that the influences are sometimes obvious - the interpretation is unquestionably Childish.

Released to coincide with the Billy's exhibition of new paintings at
New York's White Columns Gallery (running from March 05-Apr 17, 2010). The LP is pressed on black vinyl in an edition of 1,000 and
wrapped in a full-color gatefold sleeve designed by Peter Doig.
Released on 03.16.10.

Live Dates:

Dawn Said


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