Giant Haystacks were a three-piece from Oakland, California. They formed after singer/guitarist Allan placed an ad on Craigslist. Although reviewers often reference Gang Of Four, they are not 'dance-punk', 'funk-punk', or any similar catchphrase coined to sell records. Giant Haystacks believe that the term punk is enough on its own - it's open to interpretation and redefinition. Art-punk is a misnomer because punk is art. Art isn’t a crime but pretentiousness should be. ‘We Are Being Observed’, their debut album on SmartGuy Records, is 27 minutes long and contains fourteen songs of minimalist DIY punk in the tradition of the Minutemen, The Big Boys, and Mission Of Burma. It was recorded in a basement in Oakland and that’s probably where you’ll be able to catch their next show where they used to find comfort.

The War At Home (mp3)

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