Castlemaine's first citizen Leon Stackpole casts aside his Ooga Booga brethren to go it alone on this 4-song EP. Well, nearly; fellow Booga Mikey Young provides shimmering guitar on the lead track Angry Again and we've no quarrel with that all.

The record? A fine distillation of Tony Abbott-era buffoonery and daily life as only a man with a keen eye / ear for the poignant and absurd can.

Henry Rollins called the record "great" and gave the record quite a push on KCRW while Marc Riley at BBC 6 has this to say "Angry Again could be the sound of Lou Reed swapping stories with The Silver Jews in a Manhattan bar....but its not - its by a bloke called Leon who is also a member of the Ooga Boogas… that's about all I know… but it's probably enough…and I like it!"






EP out now.
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