Martin Creed is an English artist known mostly for his visual works be they neon, A4 paper, plywood, or rooms half-filled with Dark Blue 16-inch ballons Dimensions variable . In 2001 he won Britain's Turner Prize which was presented to him by Madonna. It's fair to say that Martin's work often questions the value of objects and ideas ordinarily thought of as mundane. With modest intent, he often takes a subversive and minimalist approach (along with buckets-full of wit) with regard to his installations, films, writings and performances.

In addition to the aforementioned works Martin also makes music. His music, like much of his art, is simple and unadorned. SmartGuy Records, in collaboration with White Columns Gallery, is proud to present Martin's first foray into the world of vinyl. On this record, Martin offers three little gestures that can only be described as Art Rock. Rock from an artist - what a concept.

The three-song 7" is pressed on white vinyl and comes in an edition of 600. Said edition is sold out. Finally, the offical launch took place March 25, 2008 at Gavin Brown's Enterprise-sorry you missed it.

Exhibition Dates:


The Lab-SF, CA



Fuck Off


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