Ninety to the dozen is a collection of the Australian singles released on SmartGuy Records since 2005. Enjoy out of print tracks by Melbourne's synth-shredders Total Control and Boomgates as well as still available gems by men of Perth Soviet Valves and Rat Columns ( now based in Melbourne though soon to by NYC). Available on BandCamp, Spotify and other fine digital music outlets.

Check out Henry Rollins' show on KCRW as he has lately been featuring tracks from the release on episodes 356 and 357.





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Leon |The Bilders | Russell St Bombings |
Division Four | Rat Columns | Boomgates | Total Control
Billy Childish & The MBE's | Vermin Poets
Martin Creed | Soviet Valves | Lyme Regis | Tyrades
Singles Volume Two | Singles Volume one | Giant Haystacks
Clorox Girls | Fm Knives | Ludella Black | Dan Melchior
The Masonics | Buff Medways | Sergeants Mess
The Wildebeests | Mickey & The Salty Sea Dogs
Holly Golightly | Cripples | The Sires | Thee Headcoats