David - Everything
James - Drums
( just a wee bit )

David West, man of Perth currently residing the Bay Area, adopted the nom de guerre Rat Columns as a way of stepping away from his other outlets ( past and present ) - Burning Sensation and Rank / Xerox. For those keeping score, we have James Vinciguerra ( of current down-under punk-synth shredders/ former SmartGuy artists Total Control ) coming along for part of the ride. Sonically, the band brings to mind the soundtrack to an unmade John Hughes film scored by Joy Division/New Order with heaps of David Kilgour in the mix. Rat Columns: Four songs of dark, ill-fitting pop wanderings and mangled noises.

The 7" comes in an edition of 500 and is pressed on black vinyl.



Live Dates:


Creative Intersection
Finest Kiss
Tiny Mixed Tapes

R.A.D. Vinyl
Yellow green red

7" out now.
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