Micky Hampshire was born more years ago than he cares to remember, a Man of Kent from the City of Rochester. He is most famous for twanging his guitar with those masters of the über-beat - Thee Milkshakes. Since the sad demise of Thee Milkshakes he has been leading a troop of punksters known as The Masonics as well as working on various other projects.

Jon Barker has been involved in the Medway music scene since he was old enough to pick up a guitar. His resumé includes the likes of The Daggermen, The Kravin A's, Goodchilde, and his current group Dodson's Dog.

Wolf Howard has wrecked his drum kit for The Daggermen, The James Taylor Quartet, The Prime Movers, The Kravin A's, Armitage Shanks, and Goodchilde. He currently plays with Dodson's Dog, The Solar Flares (along with a couple of former Prisoners) and Buff Medwdays (the newest project from the creative genius that is Billy Childish).

Micky describes his music as "just basic rock'n'roll"...and when you're incorporating the blues and r&b - you can't go wrong with that Bo Didley beat! - 60s garage and punk then, well, there's no other way to describe it. The piece of plastic you're about to put on your turntable gives you an exciting venture into a world of raw power and energy that doesn't require tags and labels. A blast of this record will surely re-affirm your faith in rock'n'roll.


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