SmartGuy Records brings forth yet another Medway gem in the sounds of Sergeants Mess, a collective containing the following:

Johnny Barker - guitar and vocals
Darryl Hartley - guitar and vocals
Chris Hearsay - bass and vocals
Wolf Howard - drums and percussion

Informed readers and propeller-cap wearing record collectors will recognize the names of Barker and Howard as these parties also commit their aural crimes in the Salty Sea Dogs (they are in fact THEE actual dogs) and Jack White’s favourite band, the Buff Medways. As to the other two, according to Mr Barker “ we found Darryl and Chris wandering the streets of Chatham, lonely, crying, and without any friends.”

Sergeants Mess was basically formed so the members of the band could play instruments that they -

A. Don't play in other bands and
B. Don't play very well (wolf being the exception (that's A not B!!)

After playing a few local gigs in Chatham to sell out crowds the excitement and pure rawness of the band seemed to spellbind audiences into a kind of 'glassy eyed' stillness. Amazed at this keen response the boys decided to share this unique sound with a wider audience. So with the help of Billy Childish (who in awe, and let’s face it, slightly jealous of the pure power) decided to record these 4 songs onto vinyl.

It was recorded at Chatham Dockyard on a Revox, one take per song - done. Then it was off to Red Studios to record the vocals and guitar lead breaks, 3 days later - done!

Now, because this recording has been hidden away for a while (3 years) little up starts such as The Hives, The Strokes etc have capatalised on 'The Mess' sound, but without being maybe 'as sloppy,' The Mess like to think of themselves as The Beach Boys but without all the fancy playing and nice vocals.


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