The Soviet Valves formed in Perth, Australia in early 2004. Vocals, 2 guitars, drums. That’s right, no bass. Why add another body to the current elegant visual symmetry? Of course, this line-up has forced the band to take great care with song arrangement with the result being their own sound. Sounds like this lot know what they are doing. And what about the music...? The band’s vinyl debut isn’t overly complicated or involved, but then again why should it be? Less is more as they say. The Sight That Harms / Gaze That Harms EP isn’t an art school project after all. The EP is 4 short blasts of punk rock in the vein of the Buzzcocks and Wire. A fine melding of melody and acute pop sensibility inhabits all four songs, from the over-before-you-know-it “Oh No, Here She Comes” (clocking in at 32 seconds) to the epic “Puritan Blues” (which closes things out at 4 minutes 20 seconds). Punk rock is alive and well and living in Perth, Australia. Enjoy.


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