Al - Guitar
Daniel - Sings
James - Drums
Mikey - Guitar/Synth
Zephyr - Bass

Total Control has, without question, an ace pedigree. If you don't believe me do a bit of research and let me know what you come up with. And don't get too hung up on it as they're not coasting along on where they've been. They're all about what they're doing now and ready to find out where that takes them. And guess what - you're invited.

What does Total Control sound like? To my ears they owe a debt to Gary Numan, Eno, Suicide, The Normal, Screamers, and Brainiac. Thankfully they're paying that debt by creating something new. The songs are deceptively simple while also provocative. Guitars, bass, drums, synths and vocals. An occasional beat you can dance to and at other times epic bliss that washes over you and you want to do anything but dance. But don't listen to me - decide for yourself...



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