Neil Palmer - Gtr, Vox
Billy Chyldish - Bass
Juju Claudius - Drums
Wolf Howard - Drums

On this the first release by the Vermin Poets, ex-drunk-and-compulsive-masturbator-late-night-vomiter-of-good-liquor Billy Chyldish allies himself with Fire Dept front man Neil Palmer to continue the embrace of amateurism. Also along for the ride are the like minds of Juju Claudius and the trusty Wolf.

Banish the notion that this is merely another “Billy Chyldish group.” You’ll hear no Chyldish guitar and only backing vox on this as England’s National Treasure has been relegated to bass and co-songwriting duties. What we have here is true collaboration with Palmer and Chyldish succeeding now as they have in the past - by cheerfully mocking their own craft all the while praising limitation.

Released to coincide with the Billy Childish: Unknowable but Certain exhibition at London's ICA (that ran from Feb 17-Apr 18, 2010). Pressed on black vinyl in an edition of 500.

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